Department Of Electronics & Communication Engineering




Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

The department of Electronics & Communication is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). The field of electronics & communication engineering is one that offers a whole new world of exciting challenges and opportunities. To automate or to interact with any device or a system, electronics plays the key role. Whether it is planetary mission or remote sensing, smart-city or self-driving cars, robots or smart mobiles or internet of things, electronics & communication is at the core.

The electronics & communication engineering department at New Horizon College of Engineering has a vision to create high quality engineering professionals who can transform society and earn global reputation. The department consists of highly qualified faculty members with rich experience both in academics, research, and industry. Apart from regular faculty, technology experts from reputed organization like IBM, HP, Texas Instruments, Sankalp Semiconductors, Audience Communication, Intel, ISRO, IISc. and other institutes visit the ECE department to interact with students and run industry-relevant technology courses.


To create high quality engineering professionals who can serve the society and earn global recognition.