Electronics and Communication domain is a key player in the research and one of the most needed globalized industries. The demand for electronics hardware development and commercialization of the product is expected to reach its peak. In order to progressively increase the value addition in electronic product development, a sustained R&D programme in the electronics and communication sector is essential for the use of the faculty members and student community.

In order to promote a vibrant and sustainable environment for Research and Development, latest domains are identified as the respective divisions under the Group listed below.

Divisions under ECE-R&D:
• Semiconductor Technologies
• IoT based Embedded systems
• Next Generation Communication Systems
• RF Power and Energy Systems
• Advanced Signal/Image processing

Highlight of ECE Laboratory Facilities

Domain HardwareDescription Software Used Description
Semiconductor Technologies Spartan 6 (Xilinx FPGA Kit) Xilinx Version 12.1
Xilinx Spartan 3E Kit Bays 2 100k Xilinx Version 14.1
 NA Cadence Students Bundle -3
IoT Based Embedded Systems ARM Development Board & Launch Pad Keil µVision 3/5 Version- 3 & 5
MSP430 Development Board Keil µVision 3/5 Version- 3 & 5
Cortex M4 Kit Keil µVision 3/5 Version- 3 & 5
MSP 430 Launch Pad Keil µVision 3/5 Version- 3 & 5
8051 Microcontroller Board/ Interfacing modules Keil µVision 3/5 Version- 3 & 5
8086 Micro-Processor Kit MASM 6.11
Energy Systems Converter modules, Triggering Modules,  Isolation Transformers ,Power Scope, Power Meter 150W MATLAB Version – 2019a
Induction Motor, BLDC Motor, DC motor and stepper motors Design Spark PCB Design
325Wpk Solar panel (16Nos.) NA NA
5KW Solar Hybrid Inverter NA NA
Solar Tubular Battery(4Nos.) NA NA
Advance Signal and Image Processing TMS320C6713 DSP Training kit Code Composer Studio Version 5.5
TMS320C6748 DSP Training kit Code Composer Studio Version 5.5
Next Generation Communication Systems Spectrum Analyser-6Ghz SignalVu-PC™ NA
Function Generator-20MHz, Digital Storage Oscilloscope 50MHz ,LCR Meter NA NA
Advanced Fiber Optics Communication Trainer Kit, QPSK &DPSK  Modulation & Demodulation Kit Pspice–ORCAD Version 9.1/17.2 lite
Data Communication Trainer Set NA NA
LAN Trainer Set NA NA
TCP/IP Trainer Kit NA NA

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